Focus on Purpose, Not Profit

Last year, one of the world’s leading tool brands asked me to come to train their teams on innovation. While I have a robust history of teaching innovation across a variety of industries, I am the first to admit that my knowledge of tools is a bit underwhelming. With my work and travels, I’ve just never found the time to be one of those DIY-types. Wanting to understand the tool market a little bit better before I gave my talk, I decided to spend a [...]

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How to Get Big Ideas on Demand (and Have Fun in the Process!)

When I ask people where they are and what are they doing when they get their best ideas, I am invariably met with a list of common responses: showering, jogging, commuting, reading, falling asleep, gardening, etc. But in all the years of asking this question, never have I heard the words “at work.” Why? Because most corporate cultures do not believe in using one of the most useful Creative Behaviors at our disposal. A behaviour that primes our brain to think of its best, most [...]

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How to Leverage Your Childlike Curiosity for Innovation

How to Leverage Your Childlike Curiosity for Innovation Albert Einstein once remarked: “I am neither clever nor especially gifted. I am only very, very curious.” He went on to add that “It is a miracle that curiosity survives formal education!” Think of some the most curious people you know and invariably children will come top of mind. And what question do children ask over and over again? WHY? WHY? and WHY? again. WHY? is how we learn. But unfortunately, once we enter into formal education [...]

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Earlier this week I was humbled to share the stage at a conference on Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) alongside both Sir Tim Berners Lee, the man who gave us the web, and Sophia, the artificial intelligence robot designed by David Hanson. As Sophia was about to commence her talk, the sense of anticipation and excitement among the audience was absolutely electric... palpable even, as people were vying for selfies and close up views of her. However, as Sophia was finishing her talk, the atmosphere had changed [...]

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How to Harness the Momentum of Your Ideation Sessions

Have you ever pitched an idea you were passionate about, only to have it shot down without an iota of consideration? Are you walking into pitching sessions expecting to hear “no because” / “we tried that last year” / “it’s not a strategic brand fit” or perhaps the most dreaded… “hmmmm that’s interesting” (possibly punctuated by an eye roll)? The reality is that great ideas are squashed regularly - either in their infancy or in less tangible terms of being a potential catalyst for an [...]

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Breaking the Rules: How You Can Be More Innovative

In an age of increasing disruption, companies will have to challenge many of their own rules if they want to not only grow their business but also to survive. Companies and their employees are constrained by their own expertise and experience. Their thinking is also restricted by the organization's established rules. All too often, we hear "That’s the way we do it here!” So, what if there was an innovation tool that enabled you to break all the rules? What if? is one of my [...]

Think Different

I believe everyone is creative.  I also believe it’s getting harder to convince people of that. Why? Because the world is changing.  It’s always changing.  But this time, it’s different.  This time the changes are coming so fast, it’s nearly impossible to keep up. Think of all the progress we’ve made in the past 25 years.  Now, compare those advancements to the previous 2,000 years. If I told you in 1999 that Kodak would be gone in 2 years, you would have jokingly laughed with me. If [...]

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Rapid Prototyping: Bringing Your Idea to Life

Rapid prototyping is all about making your idea real and bringing it to life for others so they can see it, experience it, understand it and buy into it. It is about showing, not telling. Through rapid prototyping, companies and their teams can iterate an idea until they get it right. Here are two illustrations of successful rapid prototyping from my time at Disney: The case of Disney’s Animal Kingdom When the Disney Imagineering Team was in the process of designing a concept for what [...]

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Four Powerful Innovation Tools for Creative Thinking

Airbnb, Uber, Netflix, Facebook, Instagram and many other disruptive companies are redefining industries and driving legacy companies to extinction. In this digital world, no one is safe. In the past year alone, traditional retailers like Sears have experienced the full impact of digital transformation. And today, other industries like financial services, healthcare, real estate, travel, and energy are beginning to worry about their future survival. A recent study produced by consulting firm Innosight predicts that nearly 50% of the current S&P 500 companies will be [...]

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Seven Behaviors That Will Unleash Your Creativity

Studies by the technology research firm Gartner show that, by 2020, technology will eliminate 1.8 million jobs in the United States and, in turn, change the way we work. To stay afloat, each and every one of us “will have to apply creativity, critical thinking and constant upskilling to solve complex problems”. In a world of disruptive innovation, the ability to be a Creative Problem Solver will become one of the most sought-after traits in business and one of the biggest competitive advantages any company [...]

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