Meeting Sophia The Robot at TIGO Business Forum in Guatemala

The countdown is on to September 4th where I'll be presenting on Artifical Intelligence, The New Reality of Business. My co-presenters include Sir Tim Burners-Lee (Inventor of the Internet) and Dr. David Hanson, who brings with him Sophia the Robot. This will be my second meeting with Sophia but I can relate to being nervous to meet her, just like Jimmy Fallon was in this episode on robots. "You can tell how awkward I am on a first date!" said Fallon. While Sophia is an [...]

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How to Harness the Momentum of Your Ideation Sessions

Have you ever pitched an idea you were passionate about, only to have it shot down without an iota of consideration? Are you walking into pitching sessions expecting to hear “no because” / “we tried that last year” / “it’s not a strategic brand fit” or perhaps the most dreaded… “hmmmm that’s interesting” (possibly punctuated by an eye roll)? The reality is that great ideas are squashed regularly - either in their infancy or in less tangible terms of being a potential catalyst for an [...]

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How To Open The Door To Your Creative Genius

How To Open The Door To Your Creative Genius How many of us are encouraged to be playful at work? For most, the answer is a definitive NEVER! Yet, by invoking the power of play at the right time you put your brain into it’s best state for having those big, incredible ideas. Let me ask you to consider - where are you and what are you doing most often when you come up with your best ideas? The most common response to that question [...]

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Crowd “Saucing” – The Secret Ingredient for Innovation

Crowd "Saucing" - The Secret Ingredient for Innovation Begin with the average boardroom of any major company in corporate America, and you’ll likely find a group of very like minded individuals, despite their genuine attempts at diversity. ‘Group think’ is one of the biggest threats to innovation, and yet these same minded groups are wondering why they struggle to innovate. Add Mums, who are estimated to account for ~ 80% of the household spend on everything from vacations to clothing, and domestic appliances to technology. [...]

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Why I left Disney

  To understand why I left Disney, you must first know how I began there. In 1986, I started as barman at the Rose & Crown Pub at Epcot in Florida. I later moved to London and wanted to continue my work with Disney, but they weren’t hiring at the time. I called the Marketing office relentlessly, and after 27 days of calls the manager realized that I just wasn’t going away and opted to put me to use. My first six months were spent sorting papers, [...]

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Breaking the Rules: How You Can Be More Innovative

In an age of increasing disruption, companies will have to challenge many of their own rules if they want to not only grow their business but also to survive. Companies and their employees are constrained by their own expertise and experience. Their thinking is also restricted by the organization's established rules. All too often, we hear "That’s the way we do it here!” So, what if there was an innovation tool that enabled you to break all the rules? What if? is one of my [...]

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