Thanksgiving Turkeys, Presidential Pardons, & Overcoming Barriers

Thanksgiving Turkeys, Presidential Pardons, & Overcoming Barriers “Whether you think you can or whether you think you can't, you're right.” -Henry Ford   It’s the time of year when America is prepping for the feast to end all feasts: Thanksgiving. It’s a holiday built around family and traditions. Things like cranberry sauce, pumpkin pie, and of course, turkey! And while turkey sales skyrocket in November, there is one lucky bird who is guaranteed to make it through the season without ending up on the dinner [...]

Think Different

Think Different I believe everyone is creative. But unfortunately, it’s getting harder and harder to convince people that they’re creative. No matter how hard you may try, many people believe creativity is something you’re born with – that you either have it or you don’t. Why is this important? Because the world is changing unlike it ever has before. Of course, the world is always changing. But this time, it’s different. This time the changes are coming so fast, it’s nearly impossible to keep up. [...]

What’s In A Name

What's In A Name SuperCaliFragiListicExpiAliDocious. “Even though the sound of it is something quite atrocious,” the power of this extraordinary word – and words in general – cannot be underestimated Take a minute to think about the power of words. In a world built on written and verbal communication, words are the lynchpin. Take for example: "That's one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind." I don’t have to argue too hard that Neil Armstrong’s iconic phrase was significantly more impactful than: “Watch [...]

Disrupt or Die: Why Legacy Brands Continue to Go Bankrupt

The future has finally caught up with Sears, who after 132 years in business, filed for bankruptcy this week. And while many are waxing poetic about the “good old days,” when their families could be found ordering everything from toys and tools to appliances and even houses from the iconic Sears Catalog, the fact remains: as a business, Sears was doomed. After years and years of ignoring the marketplace and failing to anticipate the changing needs of their customers, it was only a matter of time [...]

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Fireworks’ Final Kaboom!

Who hasn’t stood in awe under a glittering night sky dripping with colour and pattern, and felt transported into a state of wonder and nostalgia? Fireworks resonate deeply with people around the world as they continue to draw crowds into the tens of thousands and are looked upon with both fondness and excitement by children and adults alike. It may come as a surprise, then, to learn that fireworks could be extinct in the next decade. This is a perfect example of an industry that [...]

8 Tips for Today’s Entrepreneurs

It happens frequently after my Workshops or Keynotes on Innovation & Creativity that entrepreneurs will seek me out in search of tangible tips to guide them as they begin to navigate the often stormy seas of entrepreneurship. I am always happy to support in any way that I can, and as such I make my top eight tips for today’s entrepreneurs available to everyone, and in no particular order:   #1. Do what you love - invariably your passion will translate to excellence in your [...]


Earlier this week I was humbled to share the stage at a conference on Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) alongside both Sir Tim Berners Lee, the man who gave us the web, and Sophia, the artificial intelligence robot designed by David Hanson. As Sophia was about to commence her talk, the sense of anticipation and excitement among the audience was absolutely electric... palpable even, as people were vying for selfies and close up views of her. However, as Sophia was finishing her talk, the atmosphere had changed [...]

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Meeting Sophia The Robot at TIGO Business Forum in Guatemala

The countdown is on to September 4th where I'll be presenting on Artifical Intelligence, The New Reality of Business. My co-presenters include Sir Tim Burners-Lee (Inventor of the Internet) and Dr. David Hanson, who brings with him Sophia the Robot. This will be my second meeting with Sophia but I can relate to being nervous to meet her, just like Jimmy Fallon was in this episode on robots. "You can tell how awkward I am on a first date!" said Fallon. While Sophia is an [...]

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How to Harness the Momentum of Your Ideation Sessions

Have you ever pitched an idea you were passionate about, only to have it shot down without an iota of consideration? Are you walking into pitching sessions expecting to hear “no because” / “we tried that last year” / “it’s not a strategic brand fit” or perhaps the most dreaded… “hmmmm that’s interesting” (possibly punctuated by an eye roll)? The reality is that great ideas are squashed regularly - either in their infancy or in less tangible terms of being a potential catalyst for an [...]

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How To Open The Door To Your Creative Genius

How To Open The Door To Your Creative Genius How many of us are encouraged to be playful at work? For most, the answer is a definitive NEVER! Yet, by invoking the power of play at the right time you put your brain into it’s best state for having those big, incredible ideas. Let me ask you to consider - where are you and what are you doing most often when you come up with your best ideas? The most common response to that question [...]

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