How to Get Big Ideas on Demand (and Have Fun in the Process!)

Awake Your Subconscious When I ask people where they are and what are they doing when they get their best ideas, I am invariably met with a list of common responses: showering, jogging, commuting, reading, falling asleep, gardening, etc. But in all the years of asking this question, never have I heard the words “at work.” Why? Because most corporate cultures do not believe in using one of the most useful Creative Behaviors at our disposal. A behaviour that primes our brain to think of [...]

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Let’s Make Some Magic

Let’s Make Some Magic Magic, by definition, cannot be explained. It’s a sequence of events that, even when followed with a close eye, still leaves audiences mystified and mesmerized. Now, when we think of magic, we think of dark theatres, capes, and rabbits in oversized top hats. But the truth is, magic can be found nearly everywhere. Any time there is a staggering gap between what’s expected and what’s delivered – a gap so wide that it can’t be explained – you’re experiencing magic. That [...]

Rapid Prototyping: Bringing Your Idea to Life

Rapid prototyping is all about making your idea real and bringing it to life for others so they can see it, experience it, understand it and buy into it. It is about showing, not telling. Through rapid prototyping, companies and their teams can iterate an idea until they get it right. Here are two illustrations of successful rapid prototyping from my time at Disney: The case of Disney’s Animal Kingdom When the Disney Imagineering Team was in the process of designing a concept for what [...]

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