Meeting Sophia The Robot at TIGO Business Forum in Guatemala

The countdown is on to September 4th where I’ll be presenting on Artifical Intelligence, The New Reality of Business.

My co-presenters include Sir Tim Burners-Lee (Inventor of the Internet) and Dr. David Hanson, who brings with him Sophia the Robot.

This will be my second meeting with Sophia but I can relate to being nervous to meet her, just like Jimmy Fallon was in this episode on robots. “You can tell how awkward I am on a first date!” said Fallon.

While Sophia is an amazing creation and a brilliant example of what artifical intelligence may look like in the future, I’m not concerned that robots will every replace people. Check out my recent article on Fast Company titled “My three decades at Disney taught me not to fear automation”
Data and artificial intelligence can combine to achieve extraordinary things, but robots will never be able to eclipse the human imagination. Click here to read.

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