• Would you like to spend a full day with learning design thinking tools you can use to transform your organization?

Join me on Wednesday, April 3rd in Vancouver for my #InnovationMasterclass, where you'll learn all of the tools in my Design Thinking Toolkit to: - how to use the power of storytelling to convey ideas
- how to transfer the power of “my idea” to “our idea,” allowing you to get ideas approved & done
- how to get the creative behaviours out of people when needed
- 4 lateral thinking tools that enable moonshot thinking
- how to look in new and different places to find insights for innovation
- how to use your own intuition to solve challenges
- how to capture ideas that enable you to prototype them and take them to market
- how to access your subconscious brain on demand
- how to the most unlikely sources within your own organization, to help you innovate
- how to take subjectivity out of the idea business and how to select the idea most embedded in consumer truth and most likely to drive business results
- how to get full engagement from both the extroverts and introverts in your organization
- how to look outside their industry for innovation
- how to break your own established organizational rule to create breakthrough ideas
- how to get people to think differently just by re-expressing the challenge.

To learn more and get your tickets before they are gone click the link in my bio.
  • Had the privilege of speaking at 50th Anniversary of @WorldForum_TheHague at the Revolution of Events yesterday in Amsterdam. It was inspiring to participate in a forum with so many passionate event creators who want to break the rules and revolutionize their own industry.

We asked ourselves:
🎆 What if drones would replace fireworks?
🧠How would the industry Think Different if they were Storytellers vs Event Planners?
💻 How Might We leverage A.I. to create unique, one of a kind customized experiences at scale?

I look forward to seeing what attendees will be creating in their next events. A special thank you to Diana Weber and Michiel Middendof for inviting me to share in this special anniversary event.  #RevolutionofEvents

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  • Thank you to the team at @innovate_bc and the attendees at #BCTechSummit for a warm 🍁 welcome and invite to speak at your event. It was such an honour.

I encourage you to build a culture of innovation and look for big ideas that scare you. Like the butterfly in your stomach, if you haven't felt nervous or scared at work lately, it's time you go about changing that. The opposite of Bravery isn’t Cowardice... It's Conformity.

I'll be back in Vancouver on April 3 for a full day Innovation Masterclass and you're invited. To learn more visit the link in my bio.
  • ‪Looking forward to taking the stage this morning at #BCTechSummit where I’ll be sharing my predictions on the future of AI and the role core human traits like creativity and intuition will play. With @innovate_bc ‬ ‪#BCTech #Vancouver #YVR #InnovationKeynote ‬#InnovationSpeaker #AI #Keynote #KeynoteSpeaker #Innovation #
  • Today I had the opportunity to meet with the amazing team at @sanctuary_inc at @scienceworldca meeting AI robot, Nadine, 🤖 and the team that has brought her to life.
It was an honour to learn more about their business and share conversation around everything from policy and regulation, to real life application, to how our daily lives will transform in the very near future.
I believe that in the future #AI & Humans will evolve into each other, leveraging the benefits of both and forever changing the future of our species and I can’t wait to share more at my keynote tomorrow at @innovate_bc #BCTechSummit
Nadine is a perfect example of how this is happening today and how it’s time to embrace these advancements in #innovation & #technology. #BCTech #bCTechSummit
  • How to innovate like your business depends on it (Because it does)... "Not so long ago, the term “innovation” was nothing more than a corporate buzzword, right up there with “leveraging synergies.” But today, innovation is no longer just a buzzword to throw in your investor deck. With the rise of the Silicon Valley empire and the dizzying speed at which technology has progressed over the last decade, innovation has become a tangible difference maker." How does your company stack up? Read more in my recent article featured in @BCBiz. (Link in bio)

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