Ignite a Culture of Innovation & Creativity.

As former Head of Innovation and Creativity at Disney for over 25 years, Duncan will empower you to create innovative solutions that will immediately drive positive growth for your organization.

Innovation Keynote Speaker.

As an award-winning, global Innovation and Creativity Keynote Speaker, Duncan delivers in-person and virtual speeches to empower teams with tools, or customized, Innovation Sessions to create results in your company today.

Masterclass Workshops.

Creativity and innovation sessions with Duncan will provide your team tools which will elicit the most meaningful new ideas from every level and drive real results today!

Meet Duncan Wardle.

Based on 25+ years of innovation leadership with Disney and working with thousands of companies as the founder and CEO of ID8, Duncan helps people and companies explore how wonderfully creative they can be, just by thinking different.

Playfulness is one of the creative behaviors
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Embedding innovation into everyone's DNA.

As founder of ID8 and former Head of Innovation and Creativity at The Walt Disney Company, Duncan Wardle is a renowned expert in developing innovative, magical brands, engaging stories, and creative experiences that drive results.

As an award-winning global Keynote Speaker, Duncan delivers in-person and virtual speeches and Masterclass Workshops, or Consulting services to empower teams with the tools they need to start innovating today.

you inspired me and took part in reassuring me how much I do believe in “magic” and the real possibilities of turning your passions into a business model.

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thank you for giving us the tools to set us up for change, innovation and success.

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i attended your session in the transform to succeed program. it was an amazing to experience and understand the power of creativity.

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Experience the Theory of Creativity from a global keynote speaker.

Duncan’s Theory of Creativity™, unique design thinking creative process and tools have created innovative business results for Disney, Pixar, Marvel and Lucasfilms as well as other Fortune 100 companies such as Pepsi, NBA, NBCUniversal, Coca-Cola, IBM, Princess Cruises, and Apple.

Are you ready to unleash a culture of innovation and creativity within your organization?

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Innovation & Creativity Speaker - Duncan Wardle in Europe
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Empower your team and drive results with an innovative ID8 masterclass workshop.

No matter where your organization is located, if you are looking to embed innovation into your team’s DNA by giving them a toolkit that makes innovation easy, creativity tangible, and the process fun, then look no further than the one who has already done it for the world’s most creative company–Disney.

one of the best presentations i’ve ever heard. you really opened my mind and I just want to thank you!

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duncan’s ideas and activities around innovation are methods we still use in our creative brainstorming exercises and have resulted in much richer results.

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look no further than Duncan for one of the best investments you will ever make in your business.

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The latest news and insights from Innovation and creativity speaker Duncan Wardle
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