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Duncan Wardle innovation and creativity speaker from Disney leads a brainstorming workshop
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Duncan will empower your team with a toolkit that will make innovation easy, creativity tangible, and the process fun!

Armed with a unique set of creative behaviors and innovation tools, your team will see immediate changes in culture, developing innovative, disruptive new ideas and solutions that will provide lasting, tangible results.

By learning tools and the format that’s been proven to elicit the most meaningful new ideas from everyone, you will undoubtedly change the way your team innovates.

Duncan’s hands-on Innovation Masterclass Workshops turn teams into innovation powerhouses, driving immediate, measurable impact for organizations across the globe.

What step is your organization taking right now to promote ideation and deliver the next big idea?

Discover the massive impact that creative thinking can have on your organization by participating in one of Duncan Wardle’s acclaimed Innovation Masterclass Workshops.


Choose an innovation & creativity workshop that interests you.

Masterclass Workshop

Think Different™

Offered live or virtually.
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Thinking Different innovation workshop with Duncan Wardle

The days of iterating to achieve quarterly results are over.

With the level of disruption in the marketplace it is now “disrupt or die” for many legacy brands. Everyone wants innovation but no one has made it tangible–until now.

  • Each participant will learn how to use 8 Creative Behaviors
  • The team will learn how to transfer the power of “my idea” to “our idea”, accelerating the opportunity to actually get it done
  • The participants will learn how to gather consumer insights for innovation but looking in new and unusual places where their competition isn’t looking
  • The workshop will cover the 5 Lateral Thinking Tools that help get people out of their “River of Thinking” (their expertise) and allow them to innovate
Masterclass Workshop

Insights For Innovation.™

Offered live or virtually.
ID8 Mascot Spark demonstrating empathy and gaining insights for innovation to give customers what they want
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Insights For Innovation 1
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Have you ever thought how amazing it would be to read your customers’ minds?

Well, Duncan Wardle had the same thought back when he was leading the Disney  innovation and creativity team. So, he figured out a way to do just that, turning himself into a “customer mind reader.”

  • How to look for insights for innovation by looking where nobody else is
  • The tools to make informed hypotheses about customers and their wants and needs
  • The knowledge to create innovative solutions focused on real consumer pain points
Masterclass Workshop

Demystify Design Thinking.™

Offered live or virtually.
ID8 Mascot Spark demonstrates Demystifying Design Thinking tool based creativity workshop
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Demystify Design Thinking workshop with Duncan Wardle

A game-changer in the world of innovation workshops.

Your team will develop a 4-step creative problem-solving process that allows your organization to identify opportunities, take smart risks, work collaboratively, bring ideas to market, and (most importantly) drive your business forward.


Your team will develop a 4-step creative problem-solving process that allows your organization to:

  • Identify the right opportunity for growth
  • Uncover core human truths
  • Develop revolutionary ideas
  • Bring ideas to market efficiently and effectively
Masterclass Workshop

Leading For Creativity.™

Offered live or virtually.
ID8 Mascot Spark demonstrates creative behaviors for innovation
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Leading for Creativity workshop with Duncan Wardle

Establish an untouchable competitive advantage!

Turn your team into an innovation powerhouse, leveraging 8 key creative behaviors to build a culture of creativity and positive disruption!


After learning these 8 creative behaviors, your team will be able to achieve new levels of creativity within your organization; the kind of creativity that will allow your business to remain on the cutting-edge of innovation not just for today or tomorrow, but for years to come!

Masterclass Workshop


Offered live or virtually.
ID8 Mascot Spark demonstrates the curiosity required to disrupt industries with creativity and innovative thinking
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DISRUPT virtual masterclass workshop by Duncan Wardle

Why Disrupt? Disrupt is a unique innovation masterclass on creativity, innovation & disruption.

Join Duncan for a hands-on workshop where you will learn design thinking tools that you can take back to the office the next day and start to build a culture of innovation and creativity at your company immediately.


Regardless of your industry or background, this groundbreaking approach and tools, and the innovation toolkit you take away from this class will empower you and everyone in your team to develop a culture of disruptive creativity.


ID8 Mascot demonstrates realness with a private consulted innovation session

Duncan helps companies solve specific challenges, creating custom-designed consulting sessions that help organizations think different and develop game-changing ideas.