Drawing on his past experience as Vice President of Innovation & Creativity at Disney, Duncan Wardle has developed a series of training workshops that simplify the process of innovation, creativity and design thinking, and provide a suite of unique easy-to-use tools that help everyone think and act more audaciously.

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Demystifying the Design Thinking Process

Create a culture that embraces creativity and increases your capacity to innovate. The “Demystifying Design Thinking” workshop takes participants through a unique and creative problem-solving process. It includes a series of practical innovation tools and creative behaviors to help them build confidence, take smart risks and try something new on challenges big and small.  Read More

Insights for Innovation (Investigate)

In a world of increasingly disruptive technology, innovation must become part of everyone’s DNA. The “Insights for Innovation” workshop will fuel your company’s innovative culture by helping your team learn how to uncover insights in new and different ways and how to design ideas and solutions that are embedded in consumer truth. Read More

Ideas to Go (ideate)

We are all limited by our own “River of Thinking” (our personal experience and expertise). the “Ideas to Go” workshop will provide your company and your team with a series of practical Lateral Thinking tools that transform your ability to generate big ideas by thinking expansively. Read More

Leading for Creativity (create)

Creativity is now considered one of the biggest competitive advantages anyone or any company can possess. The “Leading for Creativity” workshop provides individuals and teams with a series of unique and creative tools and behaviors to help foster a culture of innovation and creativity. Read More

Rapid Prototyping

Rapid Prototyping helps your company and your team bring ideas to life and make them real, by knowing how to get others to understand them and buy into them. It allows your team to iterate quickly and improve their ideas, creating both products and services that are embedded in consumer truth. Read More

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