Networking in the age of remote work
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How to Network in the Age of Remote Work


Watercooler chats, lunchroom brainstorms, and post-work happy hours may be becoming a thing of the past, but for digital-native employees, there are actually more chances to network than there have been in the past — more specifically, to network with people in positions of power who can help advance your career.

Of course, this era of virtual networking doesn’t come without challenges. Back in the day, you could time your watercooler breaks based on which executives were stopping by to grab a quick drink. These days, you’ll have to get a bit more creative to catch the attention of potential mentors and senior leaders, both inside your company and out.

This excerpt is from an article I wrote for Harvard Business Review last month, digging into the nature of the new “return to work” era, and how it has impacted the nature of networking.

Read the entire article on Harvard Business Review here.

Photo Credit: HBR Staff/Jorg Greuel/Getty Images.

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creative looking paint splash
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