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Want Your Team to Excel? Play Games With Them (Yes, Games) to Advance Their Performance to the Next Level.

You might feel like it’s odd to bring the world of gaming into your company. However, gamification is clearly a winning solution if you want to keep engagement, performance, innovation and development high.

The standard thought process says that working can’t be all fun and games.

Well, maybe it should be.

A surprisingly high number of adults see online games not as “kids’ stuff” but as an acceptable pursuit. According to 2022 research by the Entertainment Software Association, approximately two-thirds of Americans game. Of those two-thirds, 65% are 18 or older. In other words, your workers might feel just as comfortable gaming in the boardroom as they do in their family rooms.

Indeed, many employers have seen such stats. That’s why they’re experimenting with gamification as a way to achieve benefits such as improved employee satisfaction. With engagement rates struggling to climb beyond 32% since the pandemic, per Gallup’s latest report, anything is worth a try to keep the attrition turnstile from working overtime.

An engagement bump-up isn’t the only potential upside of adding gamification into the corporate workflow mix. Games can improve productivity, too. One compelling study out of India showed that employees who used gamified systems on the job felt more motivated and engaged, leading to higher productivity.

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creative looking paint splash
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