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3 Ways to Kindle Creativity in Your Organization


Don’t be afraid of big ideas. Particularly in the brainstorming phase of a project, it’s easy to favor efficiency and shrink ideas down to a more manageable size. But this short-circuits creativity and limits your options down the road. “You can always take a great, well-thought-out idea that’s ultimately too large and ‘value-engineer’ it smaller, but you can’t take a small idea and make it bigger later,” says Duncan Wardle, founder and innovation keynote speaker of iD8 & innov8, a creative consulting company, and former head of innovation and creativity at Disney.

In February 2020, I contributed the quote above (and a little more) to an article for

You can’t leave innovation to the creative elite. The article goes into how to get everyone in your company thinking creatively. Don’t sleep on it!

Read the entire article on here.

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creative looking paint splash
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