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4 reasons our future is decidedly virtual


In January, new reports on Apple’s long-awaited augmented reality/virtual reality headset were released. And if what’s in these reports is even partially true, Apple is poised to give the world one of the most jaw-dropping, powerful pieces of technology in history (again) — which is why it was a bit surprising that this news didn’t make more of a splash.

This is the same company that has fans enter lotteries for tickets to corporate keynote addresses! Yet, outside of the usual tech blogs and a few newspaper columns, the future of Apple’s AR/VR device went largely unnoticed.

Of course, Apple is not the first company in the virtual space to experience disappointment. Facebook stock has plummeted since it first announced its name change to Meta and made a commitment to the metaverse in October 2021. Sony just announced a drastic reduction in its anticipated launch numbers for its PlayStation VR2 headset, dropping its initial forecast by 50%.

And the European Union was roasted on social media a few months ago after spending more than $400,000 to host an event in the metaverse that drew only a handful of thoroughly disappointed attendees.

So, has the virtual bubble burst?

Nonsense. Not only is virtual here to stay, it’s our future.

This excerpt is from an article I wrote for this past week, which details 4 reasons why virtual reality is going to be a consistently bigger part of our everyday lives in the future.

Read the entire article on Venture Beat here.

Photo Credit: Venture Beat/Midjourney.

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