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Four secrets to productive and exciting brainstorming meetings


By fostering open dialogue, respecting different perspectives, and encouraging the free flow of ideas, you can cultivate a culture of collaboration and creativity.

Most brainstorming sessions aren’t designed to maximize everyone’s full potential. That’s why so many fail to deliver. But making just a few corrections in the design and dynamics of your next brainstorming meeting can ensure you achieve success.

More than 90% of employees feel meetings are generally unproductive. By knowing how to structure and facilitate brainstorming sessions to be engaging and fruitful, you can get more team input—and impressive output.

To start, avoid scheduling brainstorming sessions at the last minute. Instead, alert attendees a week or two in advance. This allows them to start thinking about the topic when they’re in a relaxed, open mindset.

On the day of your brainstorm, keep engagement high and concepts flowing with these steps:

In my latest article at Fast Company, I detailed 4 key steps to keep engagement high and concepts flowing during a brainstorm. Read the full article on Fast Company.

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creative looking paint splash
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