Let’s Make Some Magic

Let’s Make Some Magic Magic, by definition, cannot be explained. It’s a sequence of events that, even when followed with a close eye, still leaves audiences mystified and mesmerized. Now, when we think of magic, we think of dark theatres, capes, and rabbits in oversized top hats. But the truth is, magic can be found nearly everywhere. Any time there is a staggering gap between what’s expected and what’s delivered – a gap so wide that it can’t be explained – you’re experiencing magic. That [...]

Crowd “Saucing”

The Secret Ingredient for Innovation Begin with the average boardroom of any major company in corporate America, and you’ll likely find a group of very like minded individuals, despite their genuine attempts at diversity. ‘Group think’ is one of the biggest threats to innovation, and yet these same minded groups are wondering why they struggle to innovate. Add Mums, who are estimated to account for ~ 80% of the household spend on everything from vacations to clothing, and domestic appliances to technology. Shockingly, that percentage [...]

The Democratization of Community

One of the trends that I anticipate will only continue to accelerate in 2017 is the furthering desire for individuals, communities, companies and now governments to both co-collaborate and co-create. Recent successes such as AirBnB, now the largest hotel chain in the world, and Uber, the largest taxi fleet, are only just the tip of the iceberg. People now crowdfund honeymoons and personal start-ups and launch new businesses by leveraging online global communities such as Kickstarter. This trend is further enhanced by the growing community [...]

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